Products to People Marketing Book by Ryan Bilodeau Released

If it were no longer the case that good marketing was able to overcome the market barriers posed by big companies, then an entire generation of entrepreneurs would forfeit their dreams and America as we know it would cease to exist. The reality is that today’s successes are not guaranteed when the sun next rises. Products to People , a book by Ryan Bilodeau, presents a new take on an old endeavor that is necessary now more than ever: growing one’s small business by leveraging human psychology to create marketing campaigns that translate into the attainment of real income. 

Let’s face it – all around us small businesses with poor methods of advertising are losing customers to larger businesses with better marketing and higher name recognition. In spite of this sad reality, the good news that remains is this: the free market and its invisible hand don’t need to push you out of town. Marketing that is strategic, effective, and efficient can become the hand that reaches out and reclaims old customers. Fortunately there is no more valuable form of capital than a good idea. 

Products to People by Ryan Bilodeau proposes for those local bakers, mechanics, and donut shop owners helpful ideas in leveraging human psychology in one’s attempts to understand how to market more effectively to potential customers. In this book, Ryan focuses on four specific human qualities that render people more likely to buy a product. These realities should be considered, the book argues, when marketing one’s product to the masses, namely the fact that people are inattentive, trendy, needy, and tribal.

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