SEO tips for journalists: ‘SEO is not really a dark art, it’s common sense’ – Press Gazette

With Facebook now eschewing news there is more need than ever for journalists to ensure their work is performing well on Google. While sub-editors are on the decline SEO-editors, those who specialise in search engine optimisation, are on the rise. Most free-to-air websites are obsessed with trying to work out how best to get their content […]

SEO Pricing: How Much Agencies and Freelancers Charge

Most search engine optimization (SEO) agencies and specialists charge a monthly retainer. Find out average retainer, hourly, and project rates and other pricing details from this study.

6 SEO Myths You Can Ignore

For many industrial companies, (SEO) is still shrouded in mystery. It’s understandable — the rules and “best practices” are ever-evolving, shifting constantly as new technologies and trends come and go. It’s no surprise, then, that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding . So, to shed some light on it and explore how to make […]

Muvumba on taking charge in the advertising world

There is something about Josephine Muvumba that puts you at ease. Her hand shake is full, firm and reassuring. Her countenance communicates kindness and when she talks, her calm voice calls you to trust her. Whether these qualities are natural to her or she developed them over the 20-year career in the advertising industry is […]

Harry Washington and Matt Levine to present Webinar Surprising New Video Advertising Strategies

WESTBOROUGH, MA – 10-23-2018 ( — Nowspeed’s Digital Marketing Campaign Manager, Harry Washington, and Digital Marketing Specialist, Matt Levine, will present “Surprising New Video Advertising Strategies” during a live webinar on Wednesday, November 7th at 12 noon ET. Video digital advertising has grown by over 335% over the past five years. It’s become an essential component […]

Dealer Owners: What is SEO and How Can You Harness Its Power to Increase Car Sales?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a concept you may have heard your marketing team discuss or throw around. As a dealership owner, you have a lot on your plate, so it makes sense you may have left this for your marketing team to deal with. However, it is critical that you as well as your other functional departments […]