Latest Trends and Stats about Cross Device Marketing and Advertising

In this electronic era, people of age group use a variety of devices to utilize Internet at their house and workplace. It is true for children and people past their retirement as virtually each one of us utilize smart phones, handheld devices and laptops/desktops for many different uses. Internet marketers are also mindful of this fact as they seem to try every trick in the book to advertise a product/service and make advertisements for it.

In principle, Cross Device Marketing is the practice of identifying and delivering ads to a specific audience across linked devices that they use. In addition, this is termed as Omni-channel approach as online marketers attempt to reach users with consistent messaging across their displays to make sure their target audience is well aware of the product/service they’re promoting.

In this Infographic, you will find latest statistics and trends shaping the cross device advertising strategies by digital marketers today.


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Courtesy of: Dubai Monsters

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