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I personally use this tool to optimize my websites. Just check out This is the most recent site I have optimized. I optimized this website for the keyphrase “Rich Jerk Ebook” and if you go to you will see that it is Number 1 on the list. The Rich Jerk is an Internet Marketer who I beat out of the Rankings for HIS own keyphrases! It took me only 1 1/2 months to get to that position.

I work online for a living – and make more than $140,000.00 per year doing so. I wouldn’t promote a product that I don’t use and profit from. My Income is Proof of my Success. My Success is Completely attributed to having Optimized websites. I am only 23-years-old. I am not a “Guru-Type” Internet Marketer: I am a Real Person offering you the Actual tools which I use to optimize my websites and create Multiple Income Streams as a Result. I believe Search Engine Optimization (along with a good site and great product) is of paramount importance. You can have the best info site and best product but it is USELESS until you optimize your site for specific keywords – which in turn will get you HIGHLY targeted leads and buyers.
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Picture this Scenario: You have an amazing online business idea. You just created a website for your company and you are all excited about it and want to start reaping the benefits of having the website. To your Extreme Disappointment, NO ONE knows about your website and you spent those long hours creating it or spent your hard-earned money for Nothing?! Without website visitors your business site is Worthless. Don’t feel discouraged because you didn’t spend your time and money developing that awesome site for nothing! You just need to put in a little extra time Optimizing it to reach the highest free Search Engine Position online.

How is it that people get their websites to the Top 10 position on Google, Yahoo and other search engines? Most people do not know how to do it – and most Search Engine Optimization specialists are keeping their mouths shut about it all. Google, Yahoo and all of the other Search Engines Online are constantly changing their algorithms; so they are continually being updated and are now quite complex. Although each individual search engine determines website placement differently – there are certain strategies which can be applied to increase your placement on most of the Search Engines.

My name is Holly Mann and I am a Search Engine Optimization Specialist and entrepreneur with numerous successful online operations. I know what it takes to get a website to the Top 10 position on Yahoo, Google and all of the other major Search Engines online (Out of Millions of competing websites – and it can be done within 1 1/2 months or less). But, as you know, results vary depending on numerous factors. Such as: the amount of content you add, the keywords contained in that content, the percentage of specific keywords in your entire site, the number of backlinks, number of one-way optimized links and traded links, Search Engine Algorithms, and the amount of effort you put into maintaining your website and updating it often. I cannot guarantee or promise you that you will get to the Top Position but I am providing you with an important TOOL to help you do it. I personally consider 1 million websites and below – as not much competition; 1-3 million as a medium-amount of competition, 3 million + is an undertaking that will require you to add quite a few articles and you should also create high quality backlinks.

What I am offering here is a simple tool to use to gain a High Search Engine Placement for whatever keywords you are targeting for your website. I originally had this software program created and developed for ONLY my personal use. It has saved me a HUGE amount of time and made me a lot of money from the high placements achieved with the use of it. I have NEVER had to use Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Pay for advertising of any sort – so I am pulling in 100% Profits. There is no secret formula here – just proven techniques to highly optimize your website and a Software Program to make it an Easy task. As I mentioned above, I originally had this software program created for my personal use only. But, now I want to offer it for other internet entrepreneurs or business owners. Whether or not you decide to purchase this tool is entirely up to you. You can optimize your website with or without it – but without it requires A LOT of time (which can be costly if your time if valuable to you) and a lot of TEDIOUS work. Either way, I am also going to provide you with some FREE background information on Search Engine Optimization for those who are not all that familiar with it. It is important that you understand all aspects of optimizing your website so that you can reach the highest free search engine position.

Content Truly Is King. Once you know the keywords you are optimizing your website for, then you will need to add keyword-rich content to your site. This is THE ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT search engine optimization tool. It may sound simple – but many people overlook its importance. For one of my websites: I got it to the Top 1-3 positions for many highly competitive keywords and I did this within 1 1/2 months. It took that long because it generally takes 4-8 weeks for the search engine spiders to grab the content and index pages. You can see Proof of the search engine placement on the site’s homepage. The traffic that I get to that website is from people who are interested in Making Money Online, Working From Home and those who have websites and want to optimize their websites; offering information for Newbies to Advanced internet entrepreneurs.

If you are a person with a whole lot of time to spend optimizing your website – when I say a lot of time I mean hours and hours daily – then you can do it that way and save yourself $39.95 (which is the cost of Content King). I’ll tell you basically how to do it here. Most people do not have time to write article after article about their website topic. Do you know how long that would take? I cannot even imagine. So, you can go to numerous FREE Enzine or Article Websites which allow you to get content to add to your site. What I recommend is that you find articles specifically related to your site’s content, with a HIGH ratio of keywords to the number of words in the entire article = meaning you need the highest keyword density possible.
Content King is a program which allows you to type in the Keyword or Keyphrase you are targeting for your website. Once you type that in, then press Start. The program Queries the Top 11 Free Enzine and Article websites (most of which have a High Pr of 4 and above), grabbing the articles which contain your keywords or keyphrases. You can specify how many articles you want taken from each website: so you can choose from as many as you like.
Then it forms a list with the Article Title, URL, Website Name, Keyword Density and the Percentage of Keywords in the articles.

You can stop the querying at any time; if you feel you have enough articles to add to your site at that time. You can also save the Project and file. Here is a screenshot of a test query I did for the Keyphrase “Email Marketing” You can then double-click on the Article URL and the entire article is displayed in a split-screen view. You can then click on the Copy button to copy the entire article within seconds; either in html or plain text. Then just pop that into your website and you’ve added one highly-optimized, keyword dense article to your website.