Coca-cola Creates Very First “Drinkable” Advertising Campaign

Coca Cola is taking marketing to the following degree, advertising Coke Zero in a sense that you would not expect! It’s not the sight, neither the sound, but the preference that is advertised on its most recent project, creating a “drinkable billboard”!

Coca Soda Pop in addition to Ogilvy & & Mather produced an entire campaign that you can essentially drink, whether it’s on billboard, on tv, printed, or even on radio!

In order to make more people to try Coke Zero, they constructed a billboard that serves the beverage to hundreds of followers. Their goal was to put Coke Zero to a wide target market all over the country, developing the very first “drinkable commercial”.

Exactly how do you develop a “drinkable commercial”?

A drinkable advertising and marketing creates the illusion that you really taste the campaign and that’s why they teamed up with Shazam, assisting the target market enjoy a Coke Absolutely no with the assistance of technology. By “Shazaming” the advertisement, audiences see Coke No pouring in the screen of their smartphones, filling up a glass, which ends up into an actual totally free Coke No that can be redeemed on huge retailers throughout the US.

This concept functioned whether they were at house, at a concert, and even amongst 80 thousand people! And in the case that there was only audio, like a radio place, they were still able to use Shazam, paying attention to the sound of the Coke Absolutely no pouring into the glass, earning their complimentary beverage. Even a tweet that poured Coke Zero sufficed to bring a Coke on individuals’s hands, which’s how the whole project became a creative suggestion to advertise an already popular product, in a very effective as well as contemporary way.

Coca Cola and also Ogilvy & & Mather were determined to bring the product to a truly large audience as well as this can be shown by the reality that the project was split on all the traditional and online media, targeting individuals of any ages, getting to everybody that either enjoys Coca Soda pop, or simple is intrigued by such an innovative project as well as the means it was presented to them. Whether they made use of Shazam to claim their beverage, or came across the “drinkable” billboard, the effectiveness of the campaign succeeded, winning the target market and also proving once again the power of experiential marketing!

As Coca Cola says, “following time you’re thirsty drink an advertisement!”


Ad Agency: Ogilvy & & Mather, USA Chief Creative Policeman/ East Shore: Chris Garbutt
Chief Creative Police Officer: Corinna Falusi
Imaginative Supervisors: Milton Correa, Jones Krahl
Creatives: Andreas Hoff, Abe Baginsky, João Paz
Head of state, Ogilvy & & Mather New York City: Adam Tucker
Worldwide Head of Preparation: Colin Mitchell
Team Preparation Supervisor: Kristian Baek
Senior Organizer: Ned Sonnenschein
Executive Supervisor of Digital Manufacturing: Angela Fung
Executive Manufacturer: Ami Moore
Executive Director of Modern Technology: Jason Wurtzel
Application Developer: Joseph Laquinte
Technical Manager: Jordan Saletan
DevOps: Greg Jones
QA Lead: Raul Morales
Executive Manufacturer: Patti McConnell
Manufacturer: Jenna Gartland
Affiliate Producer: Kelly Allen
Design and also Technical Growth: Bossa

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