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SEO Broken Link Building as a Content Marketing Strategy

A popular link-building tactic is also an excellent way to identify content marketing topics. When combined, broken link building and content marketing could generate traffic for your site and provide a way to engage visitors. While broken link building and content marketing have similar goals, at some businesses, particularly mid-market and enterprise level companies, the […]

HLV Park Hang Seo không dự lễ bốc thăm chia bảng AFF Suzuki Cup 2018

HLV Park Hang Seo không dự lễ bốc thăm chia bảng AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 Ngày mai (2/5), tại Indonesia sẽ diễn ra lễ bốc thăm chia bảng AFF Suzuki Cup 2018. Xuân Trường bị đồng đội dùng “vũ lực” úp bánh sinh nhậtLễ công bố nhà tài trợ giải bóng đá nữ VĐQG – […]

SPH launches Sweet new creative and content marketing unit, Companies & Markets

SINGAPORE Press Holdings (SPH) has set up a new creative and content marketing unit called Sweet, the mainboard-listed media company announced on Monday.  The new unit aims to strengthen its work with agencies and clients to meet the increasing demand for integrated storytelling across a range of multimedia formats, said SPH.  Sweet brings together under one […]

DashThis Releases the Fastest Google AdWords Marketing Reporting Platform to Date

DashThis: Marketing Reporting Software “The constant improvement of our product is our priority. By gathering feedback from our clients as well as from the overall market, we’re able to offer an innovative and efficient tool that enables marketers to create the reports they need, quickly and easily.” -Philip Boumansour, CEO of DashThis Québec City (PRWEB) […]

What A Shock: Marketers Don’t Like SEO! 08

Apparently marketers don’t like SEO — because they don’t understand SEO. That’s the upshot of a new report just out, where SEO ranked at the tail end of digital initiatives. I call bullshit on that. It’s not that marketers don’t understand SEO. It’s that they don’t like it. I did my first SEO work in 1996. […]

Why Businesses should Consider Hiring SEO Agencies

By January 2018, there were 1,805,260,010 websites online. This is according Netcraft’s Web Server Survey that took place earlier this year.  If the survey is anything to go by, then smart marketing is not an option for businesses that want to thrive online, but a necessity. Every business desires to rank on the first page […]