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Four Reasons Why ‘Position Zero’ Shouldn’t Be Your Main SEO Goal

For true SEO, remember the human element

Six tips for achieving better search traffic to your website…

Why SEO and PPC should both be in your marketing strategy

The SEO team suggest something that’s pretty controversial for organic search specialists: PPC (pay-per-click) has a place in SEO strategy. What is the most basic reason for SEOs to use PPC? For specialists in online marketing, and by proxy for anyone who comes to them for help, the most important reason for always running, at […]

Google AdWords, Internet Site Design & Other Advertising And Marketing Outsourcing Decisions Encountering Dealerships

Google AdWords, Internet Site Style & & Other Advertising Outsourcing Choices Encountering Dealerships Dealership advertising supervisors urge others to take advantage of their advertising toughness by outsourcing their weaker areas. The ongoing dilemma of outsourced vs. in-house advertising and marketing gave a stuffed roundtable discussion on Day 2 of the Dealership Minds Summit in Iowa […]

SEO: Building a 301 Redirect Strategy

When a site’s URLs change, 301 redirects are crucial to preserve and grow natural search performance. Organic search rankings depend in large part on link authority: the quantity and quality of links from other sites to your own. That link authority boosts individual pages on your site. When the URLs for those pages change, the […]

Seo Kang Joon And Gong Seung Yeon Share Thoughts After Conclusion Of “Are You Human, Too”

Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon have talked about how they feel as “Are You Human, Too” has come to its end. “Are You Human, Too” is about robot Namsin III who takes the place of his human counterpart, Nam Shin (both played by Seo Kang Joon), the heir to a conglomerate. He falls in […]