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Coca-cola Creates Very First “Drinkable” Advertising Campaign

Coca Cola is taking marketing to the following degree, advertising Coke Zero in a sense that you would not expect! It’s not the sight, neither the sound, but the preference that is advertised on its most recent project, creating a “drinkable billboard”! Coca Soda Pop in addition to Ogilvy & & Mather produced an entire […]

Jagermeister sponsors a pool party, turns the water into poison – Blog about marketing failures – Marketing Shmarketing

Jagermeister sponsors a pool party, turns the water into poison The idea was pretty cool on paper if you ignore laws of physics and chemistry. Marketer No.1: “Oh, and you know what would be really…

BTS’s V Reveals Love For Park Search Engine Optimization Joon With Humorous Yet Thoughtful Gift

V and also Park Seo Joon have revealed their close relationship once again! On June 5, Park Search engine optimization Joon uploaded photos before the coffee truck that V sent out to the

Outrageous, Aloof, Vulgar: Twitter Slams BJP For Advertising During Tensions at Border, Modi’s Video clip Conference With Celebration Employees


Grocery Store Not Misleading Anybody By Advertising Cantaloupe As Enjoyable Super Dish Treat

The Onion– America’s Finest News Source

Agencies Confirm Oh Yeon Seo And Kim Bum Have Ended Their Relationship | Soompi

Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo have ended their relationship. On February 13, it was reported that the actor couple had decided to go their separate ways. A source from Kim Bum’s agency King Kong by Starship confirmed the news and stated, “Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Seo decided to end their relationship late last