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HigherVisibility Releases E-Commerce SEO Guide

Digital Marketing company HigherVisibility releases a new guide to e-commerce SEO for businesses and entrepreneurs MEMPHIS, Tenn. (PRWEB) August 16, 2018 HigherVisibility announced Thursday the release of a comprehensive e-commerce SEO guide to help businesses attract more customers and increase their online sales. In the article, Managing Partner Adam Heitzman describes the best practices for […]

Does Our Fear of Marketing Mistakes Keep Us from Creative Risks?

History is littered with marketing mistakes. They marketed the Titanic as unsinkable, after all. And who could forget the most infamous of marketing missteps, New Coke? Often, these mistakes arise from simple oversights or blind spots. Do you know the story of Pepsi’s expansion to China? Its slogan “Come alive with the Pepsi generation” was […]

How to recover from a negative SEO attack

Welcome to the next-to-the-last article in our six-part series on negative SEO. If you’ve been following along, you understand what negative SEO is. You’ve audited your situation to know whether or not you were hit, and you know how to reduce your likelihood of being a target in the future. You even know how to try […]

Google Recommends SEO Noobs Join Help Forums To Gain Experience

Google’s John Mueller Recommends SEO Noobs Join Help Forums To Gain Experience Aug 24, 2018 • | (0)by Barry Schwartz | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization Prev Story John Mueller of Google answered a question in a Reddit thread about advice on how an SEO noob, a person who is inexperienced in SEO, learn […]

10 Things You MUST Know About Social Media Marketing with Your Pet

There’s no shortage of animals who have become stars on social media. From Grumpy Cat to doggo memes, people love looking at pictures of cute pets on Instagram and similar platforms. Some businesses have even begun to leverage the popularity of pet accounts for marketing purposes. Small Business Trends recently discussed this trend with Richard […]

Park Sweeps Freestyle, Seo Yeong Blasts World #1 200 IM

2018 KOREAN NATIONALS Heading into the recently-concluded 2018 Korean Nationals, Olympian Park Tae Hwan told the press that he wasn’t near peak form as of yet in his bid to make his 4th Asian Games roster. “Since I got a late start, I should work that much harder for the Asian Games,” he told reporters at Incheon […]