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My friend and I wanted to go to UK country. They have some really nice furniture and I was looking to buy some. I needed to get something different to put in my living room. I wanted to get a stand to put pictures on. I knew what I wanted to get, I just wanted to find something I liked.

We made plans to go to store because I know they have well made rustic oak furniture and they have a variety of it to choose from. Since it’s an hour or so away, we wanted to make a day out of it, and we also had to find a truck to go there so we would be able to bring home what we bought.

When we arrived store, we looked around at the rustic oak furniture they had in the store. There was so much to choose from and you could tell it was high quality. I found the type of stand I wanted to buy. It was a narrow one that would serve the purpose I needed it. Although the price tag was slightly high, I have learned that when it comes to furniture, you get what you pay for. I bought the stand and we got it loaded in the truck. My friend bought a new headboard for her bed which is really nice.

After loading our things into our truck, we decided to get lunch at a restaurant we don’t have around our town. We had a really great day and had fun going furniture shopping from Furnitureheaven. We found some great furniture and had a nice lunch. I wish we had something closer to our home like this restaurant and also somewhere that sells rustic oak furniture that is like this.

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