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The modern world is a complicated, stressful, and even sometimes crazy place. Anyone living in London certainly knows this, given the hustle and bustle, the constant traffic, and even the looming stresses of Brexit and possible terrorist attacks. It all has more people than ever turning to meditation in order to maintain or even just develop a sense of calm and tranquility.

Many incorporate it into their lifestyle regularly, either through a home practice or by visiting yoga studios and other spiritual centers on a regular basis. However, what if you feel a need to meditate when on the go?

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Smartphones seem like one of the technological evils that make the world more stressful. You always are connected, with emails and phone calls or text messages happening at any time, and the Internet easily accessed when you have a signal. offer top-rated meditation apps that can give you peace of mind on the go.

With meditation apps, you can have a chance to close your eyes, clear your mind, and tune out the world when not at home or in a studio. While you would never use one while driving, you might do so while parked in a parking lot. Sitting on a bench while taking a break from shopping, hanging out in a waiting room, or using a break room at work are also great opportunities. Even better, you might find great vantage points out in nature while hiking.

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Top-rated apps for meditation have usually proven themselves to be worthy and valuable to other users, and most require earbuds or headphones of some sort. Whether or not you pay for them is up to you, but you’re only limited to your smartphone’s memory and physical capabilities.

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