5 Ways Latin American Marketing and Advertising Will Resurface in 2018

5 Ways Latin American Marketing and Advertising Will Resurface at 2018

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What: During the last months, there were reports of Latin American economies resurfacing, together with accelerated growth forecasted in 2018.
Growing acceleration means chances for investors and marketers why it matters. Amnet’s Cristian Figoli, Group M’s Cynthia Evans, and ComScore’s Iván Marchant clarify what this means for advertising solutions.

1. GDP is Growing in a Strong Pace

Cristian Figoli, Amnet Argentina, Dentsu Aegis

Economists and marketers concur that there are unequivocal  indications of recovery in several Latin American economies. For Cristian Figoli, head of Amnet Argentina, “the signs are definitely there, particularly tied to higher investments and bets out of international businesses in the area”. Companies have their eye on Latin American countries because, as Focus Economics explains, the economy in these areas is quickening in a great rate: the strongest recoveries are expected at Argentina thanks to different reform efforts and a healthier international backdrop, and Brazil is expected to gain from lower interest rates and a recovering labour market.

The LatinFocus Consensus analysts see regional GDP growing 2.4% in 2018. In 2019, growth is seen increasing modestly to 2.7%. Based on Cynthia Evans, manager of advice at Group M Latin America, the indications are tough to overlook: “GDP is steady, advertisers are planning with a slight uptick in budgets, and monies are somewhat more stable”

2. Digital Growth Will Continue to Influence Advertising

Iván Marchant in Peru, Colombia, and ComScore Mexico

A big indication of restoration, based on Iván Marchant, VP in ComScore Mexico, Peru and Colombia, will be the rise of the electronic business: “We can observe growth not only in the audiences online but at the use of different devices,” explains Marchant. “Each day people are using increasingly more mobile devices. Concerning advertising, investments in electronic are also rising. In virtually all countries in the area, the expansion in electronic advertising is about 10 times the rise of their national GDP.”

When things change, the opportunity to increase communication is larger.

Digital transformation is moving really fast, which ought to mean something for promotion and media services. For Marchant, “When things change, the opportunity to increase communication is larger.” According to Amnet’s Cristian Figoli, “more rigorous economies are developing technology to increase marketing solutions, which will be beneficial for the complete advertising ecosystem”

3. The Way to Prepare for biblical Risks

The major threat to economic equilibrium in Latin America in 2018 is going to be the unstable political environment. The presidential elections from Costa Rica, Cuba, Paraguay, Brasil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia mean that about 80% of the population from Latin America will be picking new rulers this year, making investors wearier.

Cynthia Evans, Director of Insights in Group M

Other reforms, like renegotiations of Free Trade Agreements, as well as lively reforms, even rend it necessary for entrepreneurs to prepare for possible unforeseen risks. Group M’s Cynthia Evans strongly recommends to “Hold any budget for chances and plan around presidential election or World Cup events, even once the customer’s attention is distracted.” And as ComScore Iván Marchant points out, “A great deal of the advertising investments will soon be moving towards the government group; this season that the demand for advertising services will gain from this environment”

4. Which Marketing Services Can Prevail?

In 2017, we found electronic spaces gain greater importance than ever, and so we ought to expect digital to keep on growing in 2018. As Iván Marchant explains, “[Mobile] apparatus will be leading the campaigns from all entrepreneurs and media apparatus.   Automation services such as programmatic networking selling/buying will be merging its rate on the marketplace.”

As electronic demands evolve, we’ll observe that specific marketing and advertising solutions are in demand. Specifically, we ought to keep tabs on “dimension, ROI, and functionality, such as viewability, transparency, and evidence of functionality,” states Cynthia Evans. “Trading and negotiation is a powerful thread particularly as electronic business models evolve.”

5. 3 Courses From 2017 to Apply in 2018

For Cristian Figoli, the very precious lesson is that we’re in a moment of transformation and innovation. “People live electronic lives and anticipate more from manufacturers,” he asserts. “They anticipate to innovate and participate with only a click, and employers will need to adapt to the new paradigm to emerge on top.”

On the other hand, the route that entrepreneurs have been after so far has brought them success. Based on Cynthia Evans, it’s all a matter of “Continuing building multi-platform, multi-media, multi-country synergies, integrating media, and synchronizing [the right] measures and language.”

Finally, Iván Marchant’s information has to do with brand security. “We found that a huge variety of brands whose advertising has been exhibited in contexts which were not appropriate,” he points out. “Now technology permits us to take care of the brand’s value by preventing to display advertising in the wrong circumstance.” The signs of recovery are clearly there; it is up to   manufacturers and entrepreneurs generally to get the most out of them.

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